Pick Up Older Women With Ease

Published: 21st October 2009
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You can pick up older women consistently and with minimal effort if you just just know a few of the secrets used by seduction experts every day. Nowadays it seems like people are constantly talking about "cougars" or beautiful older women on the prowl for much younger men. This is not a new phenomenon as women like Mrs. Robinson were well aware of their powers of seduction in classic movies like The Graduate. Young men around the world are slowly uncovering the secrets to pick up older women. Take for example relationships like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Tim Robbins with Susan Sarandon, who are both married to beautiful women that are significantly older than they are. With only the smallest amount of effort anyone can learn all the exclusive techniques to pick up beautiful older women.

If you'd like to successfuly attract beautiful older women, then you must learn to appreciate the unique traits older women have to offer their much younger counter parts. Instead of focusing on her age or her wrinkles, think about how much life experience she has to share, not to mention sexual experience. Too many men believe that only younger women make a good catch. Of course anyone familiar with dating older women knows that nothing could be more wrong. To truly succeed at seducing older women you must learn to both recognize and appreciate the raw maturity of older women. For example, you are certainly not going to find many forty or fifty year old women running off to giggle and discuss their dates in the restroom of a fancy restaurant.For most men this is usually quite a refreshing change of pace if they are only familiar with dating much younger women.
Another import aspect to picking up older women, involves maintaining an air of class, sophistication and intelligence. Many cougars have agonized through countless horrible dates during their lifetime. The Last thing any beautiful older woman wants, is another horny child that struggles to hold her attention in conversation. They are looking for a gentleman who can discuss politics, world events and which type of wine will best accompany the dinner you are enjoying. The more intelligent and sophisticated you appear, the faster you will be able to take advantage of her sexual experience in the bedroom.

Always try to avoid boasting or coming across as self centered while picking up older women. Women have become increasingly more powerful in the corporate world. She will notice you're personal achievements all by herself. Instead, you should always seek to compliment her on her own great accomplishments. All the great masters of seduction know these tips to seducing older women.

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